Height's Boys and Girls Club

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  • Category: Service
  • Description: The Heights Boys and Girls Club has been an institution at Boston College for almost two decades. Our goal is to pair BC students with children from the Commonwealth Tenants Association with the hope that the pair forms a lasting relationship throughout and hopefully beyond the student's time at BC. The BC student acts as a mentor to the child, often being the only college-aged person in the child's life. Each month we BC students take our "CTA buddies" on a field trip as a big group. These monthly trips aid in developing and maintaining the positive relationship between the BC student and CTA child. The locations of the field trips are both fun and educational. They include, but are not limited to, apple picking, The Science Museum, ice skating, gingerbread house making, Skyzone, The Children's Museum, the Franklin Park Zoo, and The Big Apple Circus.
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    • service
    • mentor
    • children
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