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UGBC Presidential Elections

The UGBC Presidential Elections will be taking place between February 8th and February 20th!

Don't forget to read the Elections Code for the Presidential Elections

Presidential Elections Timeline

February 8th: 
8:30 PM: Campaign Kickoff in the Cabaret Room - Check out the Kick off Meeting here!

February 9th:
Campaigning starts campus wide

February 10th:
6 PM: Campaiging in Upper Campus and CoRo Residence Halls

February 11th:
5 PM: Campaigning in Vanderslice, 90, Walsh, Edmonds, and Stayer Hall 

February 12th:
6 PM: Campaigning in Newton Campus Residence Halls

February 16th:
6 PM: Campaigning in Rubenstein, Ignacio, Voute, Gabelli, 66, and the Mods 

February 18th: 
8:30 PM: Final Debate in the Cabaret Room

February 19th: 
12 AM: Voting Booth Opens

February 20th:
7:30 PM: Elections Party for each team
8 PM: Voting Booth Closes
8:15 PM: Elections Results are released