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About the Elections Committee

The Purpose of the Elections Committee
1. The administration of all Undergraduate Government of Boston College (hereafter referred to as UGBC) elections (Presidential and Senate), in accordance with the UGBC Constitution and the Elections Code, shall be vested in the Elections Committee (hereafter referred to as “The EC”).
2. The EC shall be responsible for the publicizing of all elections to both potential candidates for office and the voting community including dates, times, locations, informational and mandatory meetings, etc. Funds for publicity will be issued to the EC by UGBC.
3. The EC shall serve as a non-biased body to resolve disputes and enforce regulations in regards to the Elections Code.
4. The EC shall be responsible for the management, facilitation and scheduling all debates.
5. The EC shall hold at least two events to promote the Presidential/VP Election including, but not limited to, the Presidential/ Vice-Presidential Debate, and the ALC/GLC Debate.

a. Composition of Committee
6. The EC shall be comprised of at least 3 full members, a chairperson and a vice-chair, thus totaling a minimum of 5 members. All committee members shall be full-time enrolled undergraduates. An OSI graduate assistant, and the Office of Student Involvement (hereafter referred to as “OSI”) advise but shall refrain from voting in all EC decisions.
7. The positions of chairperson and vice-chair of the EC will be determined by the EC through nomination and anonymous vote by EC members. The chairperson, in accordance with parliamentary procedure, shall refrain from voting in EC decisions, except in the case when his/her vote must break a tie.
8. Following the fall Senate election, a minimum of two new members will be selected to serve on the EC. Following the spring Presidential/Senate election, additional members to the EC may be chosen as necessary.
9. New members to the EC will be appointed through the following procedure: applicants to the EC will submit an application to the EC for review, qualified applicants will be interviewed by members of the EC, and the EC as a whole will select applicants to be offered membership on the EC.
10. In the event that a vacant seat opens in the EC, the position may be filled by the same application procedure used in choosing the original committee. Replacements shall be required in the event that the EC membership falls below the minimum required 5-person membership.

Responsibilities/ Abilities of Committee
1. The EC is responsible for conducting and regulating voting for the UGBC Senate and Presidential elections in full accordance with this Elections Code. Voting must be carried out in a secure and controlled manner to insure the integrity of the results.
2. The EC, upon majority vote of the committee members, shall have the power to impose sanctions upon and issue disqualifications of candidates for any violation of this code, the lawfully authorized decrees of the EC, or any existing BC policy.
3. The EC shall have the right to meet in closed session to discuss matters affecting the electoral process, or the name and/or reputation of an individual.
4. The EC may delegate authority to one or more of its members, provided that the EC shall remain responsible for any action taken by said member(s). Such authorities may not include disciplinary actions, which must be voted upon by the entire EC.
5.  An email address ( must be made accessible to candidates for communication with the EC. 
6. All members of the EC must remain unbiased in any and all elections. No EC member may actively participate in a candidate's campaign, solicit voter support, distribute literature, plan events to further a candidate's campaign, or serve as a candidate's campaign manager or treasurer. Involvement in a campaign shall be grounds for review and possible removal of a member of the EC.

Responsibilities of Members
1. Upon the motion of any EC member or OSI, the EC must review a member for violations of this code, impropriety, or failure to fulfill the duties of office. A two-thirds vote by closed ballot of the remaining voting membership of the EC is required to dismiss the member from office.
2. A member whose membership is under scrutiny, as well as the member calling for the review, forfeits the right to vote in any decision pertaining to membership.
3. Any member under review shall have a chance to defend themselves to the EC.
4. An EC member who has been subject to an adverse decision of the EC holds the right to appeal through OSI.