Student Initiatives


The purpose of the Division of Student Initiatives is to address student issues and concerns by executing advocacy programming and issue campaigns in coordination with Student Assembly policy. The advocacy programming consists of large-scale programming such as speaker events or film screenings and small-scale programming such as workshops or topic-specific dinner series. Issue campaigns are sustained initiatives meant to bring awareness on a specific issue over a sustained period of time. Finally, Student Initiatives works with various Boston College departments, including Residential Life, BC Dining Services, BC Facilities Services, Dean of Students, Academic Affairs, and other departments as needed. It also will work with Office of Student Involvement as needed and appropriate.

Message from the Vice President

Hello everyone! Student Initiatives is the division responsible for advocacy programming in UGBC. Through all of the hard work of my directors and assistant directors, we offer programs covering topics from mental health and gender to spirituality and sustainability. An initiative can be many things--from speaker, panel, or performance event to a topic-specific dinner, discussion group, film screening, or photo campaign. This year, we are focusing on collaboration and hope to work with many organizations to turn issues and concerns relevant to the student body into meaningful programming. If you have an issue or initiative you would like to see from SI this year, please feel free to contact me!

Theresa Rager '17 | | Carney Hall 106

Office Hours: TBD


Director of Mental Health: Tom Downing (Fall)

Assistant Directors of Mental Health: Cole Griesedieck and Zach Pugliares

Director of Women & Gender: Megan Flynn

Assistant Director of Masculinity: Hannah Merrill

Director of Environment & Sustainability: Carolyn Townsend

Assistant Director of Environment & Sustainability: Sara Klos

Co-Directors of Athletics & Wellness: Connor Marshall (Fall) and Max Gates

Co-Directors of Campus Dialogue: Xavier Husser and Natalee Deaette

Director of Public Discourse & Civic Engagement: Shannon Lydon (Fall) and Melissa Wanyoike (Spring)

Director of Faith & Spirituality: Kaitlyn Corazzata

Director of Transparency: Dan Wu

Director of External Relations & Service: Cilla Bay

Conduct Liaison: Matt Baldwin (Fall)

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