The Student Assembly (SA), which is the legislative branch of UGBC, consists of 50 elected senators representing each class, school, and student organization cohort (category), as well as club sports, the Residence Hall Association (RHA), the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), AHANA Leadership Council (ALC), and GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC).  The SA focuses primarily on student advocacy and policy work.  It is the job of the SA to voice student concerns to the administration and to work toward changing or implementing new policies that benefit the student body.

To coordinate the SA’s work, there are six standing committees.  Both senators and ex-officio members (non-elected students) serve on these committees.  There are four policy committees and two internal, operational committees.

The policy committees are:

The internal committees are:

Mission Statement

Through both reflection and forward thinking, as well as active representation and effective communication, the Student Assembly will develop policies, programs, and initiatives designed to build a greater Boston College. 

Message from the Executive Vice President

The SA is committed to helping improve the overall student experience at Boston College.  Fundamentally, the SA exists to make students happier and to ensure they leave BC with an incredible four years under their belts.  With an elected body that spans every class, school, club cohort, and with representatives from club sports, RHA, SAAC, ALC, and GLC, we are a diverse body with an expansive agenda designed to maximize student happiness.

We will be tackling everything from mental health awareness to student rights to conduct reform to civic engagement to a textbook exchange to expanding Eagle Card access off-campus to PEPs.  Consequently, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and all meetings are open to the public.  It is our job to ensure we are pursuing the policies students want and care about.  Therefore, we will be visible in the dining halls, in the quads, and on social media throughout the year. We have also launched an online platform to facilitate student feedback: Campus Voice.  Likewise, everyone in the SA has a publicly-available email. Please reach out to us!

SA Leadership

The Executive Vice President (EVP) of UGBC chairs the Student Assembly.  It is his job to set the agenda, determine policy priorities, and represent the SA to both the executive branch of UGBC and the administration.  The current EVP is Connor Bourff, A&S ‘15,

The Parliamentarian for the SA is Haley Sullivan, A&S '15,  The Parliamentarian is the chief enforcer of the Constitution and the Standing Rules.  Additionally, she is responsible for the legislative docket.

The President Pro Tempore (PPT) is the third highest officer in UGBC.  It is his job to chair the SA meetings in the EVP’s absence, as well as be both a mentor and resource for the other senators.  The PPT must have at least one year experience in the SA before serving. The current PPT is Mike Rosella, A&S ‘15,

Each standing committee has its own chair.  The EVP nominates and the SA confirms the chairs.  It is the responsibility of the chairs to manage their committees, lead their senators, and run their meetings. (Please refer to committee rosters for chair names and emails.)

Likewise, each standing committee also has a vice chair.  The vice chairs run their committee meetings in the absence of the chairs and act as additional resources for senators.

Finally, the SA has a Conference Leader (CL).  The SA elects this person to represent the views of the SA to UGBC’s leadership.  This position ensures all voices are heard and all opinions are considered.  

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