The GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC) is committed to bettering the quality of life for all students at Boston College, especially those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning. The GLC works to ensure that the voices, concerns, and interests of the GLBTQ community are heard throughout other organizations at Boston College, as well as through the community at large. Furthermore, the GLC shall act as a resource for all clubs and organizations interested in promoting awareness of GLBTQ issues. The GLC shall support these groups in order to further its goal of gaining equality, acceptance, and understanding for GLBTQ students politically, academically, and socially at Boston College and in the greater global community.

Message from the Chair

Hi everyone, and welcome to the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC) at Boston College! GLC strives to create a more open and inclusive campus for all BC undergraduate students. This year, we plan to focus on fostering a stronger community among the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally students at BC, while remaining strong advocates for these students in the Student Assembly and with the administration. We will continue to put on GLC's traditional events, such as National Coming Out Week (NCOW) and Spirit Day, and will also expand our programming into new areas by looking at the intersection of sexual orientation and other aspects of our identities, like race, socioeconomic status, and religion. We will also be revamping Queer Peers and expanding the GLBTQ Undergraduate Society (GUS) to provide better support and resources for GLBTQ students on campus.

I encourage everyone to attend our events and open meetings, and to consider joining council. If you have any questions about GLC or are looking for someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to me!

Andrew Engber, Chair |


  1. John “Billy” Shyne, Vice Chair |
  3. Delmira “Del” Monteiro, Chief of Staff |
  5. Benjamin Flythe, Director of Communication |
  7. Christian Petro, Director of Communication |
  9. Nicholas Minieri, Director of External Affairs |
  11. Shane Mangado, Assistant Director of External Affairs |
  13. Joe Maimone, Co-Director - GLBTQ Undergraduate Society |
  15. Collin Pratt, Co-Director - GLBTQ Undergraduate Society |
  17. Stephanie Ng, Director of Intersecting Identities |
  19. Andrea Cardenas, Assistant Director of AHANA Affairs |
  21. Isabel Guillen, Asst. Director of Women and Gender Issues |
  23. Allison Docanto, Director of Outreach |
  25. Julia Purks, Assistant Director of Outreach |
  27. Ryan Shannon, Director of Policy |
  29. Yoonhye “Linda” Kim, Assistant Director of Policy |
  31. Klevis Baholli, Co-Director of Programming |
  33. Jose Estevez, Co-Director of Programming |
  35. Elizabeth Choi, Assistant Director of Programming |
  37. Catherine Adams, Co-Director of Queer Peers |
  39. Laura Johnson, Co-Director of Queer Peers |

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