The Financial Affairs division (FA) has the primary responsibility of assisting the other divisions within UGBC in the processing and assessment of their allocated budgets. The FA division seeks not only improve the financial transparency of the organization, but to provide guidance in creating and managing division budgets. The FA division serves not only as a resource to UGBC divisions and their leadership, but also to any student of Boston College who wishes to understand the financial processes of our student government.

Message from the Vice President

Hello everyone, as the VPFA this year it’s my job to make sure FA is getting everything done that’s included in our job description. On top of that, it’s important to me that UGBC not only make better use of the limited funding available to us, but that we’re always responsive to student needs and concerns. My coordinators were chosen not only because of their awesome commitment to making BC a better place, but also because of their ability to care deeply about the work they do in the divisions they work with. Because Financial Affairs is the only unfunded division within UGBC, we have no programming initiatives, and focus completely on managing internal budgets and answering budget questions. If you ever have any questions or comments of your own, please reach out to me.

Niki Patel | | Carney Hall 106

Weekly Office Hours: TBA



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