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UGBC Budget Update: November 2014

Total Approved: $369,851.00 (includes rollover funds)

Total Spent: $74,436.88

Total Remaining: $295,414.12


There haven’t been any unusual or noteworthy trends or expenditures worth reporting at this time. As a percentage of the budget, only 20.1% of the total UGBC approved funds has been spent at this time. It is important to note that a significant amount of these “spent” funds are P-Card increases. Therefore, the money is still in Boston College accounts, and hasn’t actually been used for purchases. The total amount of funds currently available that have been requested, but not used, is not known until P-Card reconciliation following each month.  Put simply, the "spent" column reflects all money allocated for expenditures; however, some of that money has simply been moved to P-Cards and has not yet been spent. - Nicholas Crain, FA Coordinator |


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