Diversity & Inclusion


It is the purpose of the Division to address student issues and concerns in regards to diversity and inclusion including, but not limited to, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, disability, and socioeconomic status. Through programming, policy work, and community outreach, the Division seeks to foster a Boston College community where all students feel safe, welcomed, and supported.  

The Division consist of the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC),  the Council for Students with Disabilities (CSD), the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC), and the Diversity and Inclusion Programming Board (DIP). Collectively, the Division hosts campus-wide events such as AHANA Celebration Week, National Coming Out Week (NCOW), ALC Ball, GLC Gala, and ALC Showdown.  

Message from the Vice President

Welcome to the Division of Diversity and Inclusion (DI)!

Our mission is to foster a campus wide community where every student feels supported, safe, and celebrated in their identities. We understand that it is only through a diversity of thought, experience, and identity that we can continue to push the bounds of our education, to create and build a more loving world, and to live out our motto: Ever to Excel. I am inspired by the incredible student-leaders, chairs, and directors I am working alongside this year, and though there is much work to be done, I could not ask for a better team. We aim to unite, educate, and empower. I encourage the entire BC community to join us in our mission and vision. Help us to build the foundation of a Boston College that shines as a beacon of empathy and community standing tall and exemplary in a world stunted by division and intolerance. Our mission is achievable, our future a necessity, and with your support, passion, and intelligence, our potential is unlimited.

I hope you will explore this website to learn more about the division and the amazing work we do. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. You are also invited to meet with me during my weekly office hours or via appointment.

Collin Pratt | prattco@bc.edu | Carney Hall 106


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