The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) focuses on policies pertaining to academics and intellectual life at Boston College.  AAC handles everything from UGBC's PEPs program to academic advising to the arts.


For the fall of 2015, Academic Affairs will be tackling the following initiatives:

  • Creating and distributing a flip book that identifies and describes national grants/scholarships, BC grants/scholarships, and other funding opportunities for students.  UGBC will make the flip book available in both print and online. The point person is: Matt Sanborn,
  • Continuing to improve PEPs by incentivizing students to update professor evaluations, removing professors who no longer work at BC, and working to better the system overall. The point person is: Steven Hyong,
  • Collaborating with departments to increase the number of syllabi available on Agora Portal before each semester begins. The point person is: Hagop Toghramadjian,
  • Continuing to promote BC's new textbook exchange website. The point person is: Hagop Toghramadjian,
  • Working with the Career Center to create more opportunities for A&S students. The point person is: Cathy Deng,
  • Advocating for free T-passes for students in the Lynch School of Education and the Connell School of Nursing. The point person is John Daniell,


Chair: Hagop Toghramadjian, Sen. Class of 2017 |

John Daniell, Sen. Campus Ministry |

Matt Sanborn, Sen. Publications |

Steven Hyong, Sen. Honors |

Sijin Choi, Sen. Intercultural | (Abroad Fall '15)

Cathy Deng, Sen. Arts |

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