The 2016-2017 UGBC Executive Council

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Office Location

UGBC's offices are located on-campus in Carney Hall Room 106. All students are welcome to visit at any time, whether to check out of newest UGBC giveaways, pick up handouts detailing important campus resources, or talk with any of our members about the organization and it's efforts!

Office Hours and Contact Information

Russell Simons, President — — Wednesday, 2–4 pm

Meredith McCaffrey, Executive Vice President — — Wednesday, 10 am –12 pm

Emily Yu, Vice President of Communications — — Tuesday, 2–4 pm

Collin Pratt, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion — — Wednesday, 2–4:15 pm

Niki Patel, Vice President of Financial Affairs — — Wednesday, 2–4 pm

Theresa Rager, Vice President of Student Initiatives — — Monday, 3–4:30 pm

Kyle McCormick, Vice President of Student Organizations — — Wednesday, 1:15–3 pm

Lynn Petrella & Zach DuBoulay, UGBC Leadership Academy Directors — Friday, 2-4 pm (in McElroy Dining Hall)

Organization Overview

The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) is a student government created to enrich the lives of students attending Boston College. Its purpose is to serve on behalf of student's interests and to help cultivate an engaged and caring student community. Furthermore, the student government works to actualize the rights and responsibilities of students to the greater community, while promoting growth academically, socially and spiritually.

The UGBC President for 2016-2017 is Russell Simons, A&S '17 and the Executive Vice President is Meredith McCaffrey, A&S '17.  Please feel free to email them at and

With that said, check our these online platforms designed to make your life easier:

Campus Voice allows students to directly pitch ideas or share concerns with UGBC.

Textbook Exchange allows students to buy and sell their textbooks with each other.

PEPs enables students to write and view evaluations of their professors.

Be Conscious is a mental health blog.

Mission Statement 

The general student body of Boston College entrusts the Undergraduate Student Government of Boston College (UGBC) to serve as an advocate, a unified voice for students’ interests and a representative body to the larger Boston College community, to lead the student body by providing social, cultural, formational and educational programs and activities that expand the scope of the educational experience— by providing the most effective use of student money and effort, by informing students of issues which are their concern and to eliminate confusion about those issues, by representing the General Student Body to the surrounding community, the Board of Trustees, the President, the Administration and any other appropriate body or organization and to give input to those bodies relating to student opinion, by encouraging student participation and input; and to be more worthy of the Motto of Boston College, "Ever to Excel".

What that really means...

We’re your fellow classmates, roommates, Newton-bus riders, best friends, and even those random people you kind of think you know their names (but arent completely sure…) and we believe the best way to show our love for Boston College is by trying to improve it.  We do this in two ways; first, by advocating for what students want and need on campus and second, by executing targeted programming that catalyzes discussion on campus about important issues.

We have a massive family-like community of over 150 members, comprised of 6 divisions, 4 councils, and a freshmen mentorship program. By being in this organization, we have access to almost every high level administrator on campus as well as the Board of Trustees, a privilege that enables us to have a more-complete understanding of the difficulties Boston College faces on a day to day basis. That being said, we certainly do not believe that the UGBC is the only mechanism of change or improvement on campus, so we are constantly looking outward to partner with outside students and clubs.

UGBC has a broad and impressive history of social change and improvement on campus - from creating and implementing TransLoc, to conceptualizing and initiating the “PULSE” program, to working to ultimately include sexual orientation in Boston College’s non discrimination policy. We are honored to continue the legacy of UGBC, representing students the best we possibly can.


Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

  • The Executive Vice President chairs the Student Assembly (SA), which is composed of 35 popularly-elected senators. 
  • The SA has seven policy committees, each with its own director.
  • The policy committees are:
    • Academic Affairs Task Force
    • Identities
    • Conduct and Student Rights
    • Campus Improvements
    • Environment and Sustainability
    • Mental Health 
    • Women and Gender 

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