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On behalf of the entire student government, we are incredibly excited to be serving you this year and hope we have the chance to meet on campus! As your elected student body President and Executive Vice President, we are committed to using this site, along with our social media pages, to keep you updated on our projects and initiatives throughout the year. We have updated this website for the 2016-2017 school year to include new resources that will make your life easier, an inside look at our advocacy goals, and detailed information about our events and initiatives. In addition, we will be releasing our financial records and documents to remain transparent and accountable to the student body.

Want to learn more about us or the divisions of the organization? Click on any of the links on the right-hand side of the page. You can learn more about our ongoing initiatives through the links on the left. And if you're interested in what we have planned for the year ahead, check out our full platform!

- Russell Simons '17 and Meredith McCaffrey '17



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Recent News

  • 05-14-2015: Applications for New Student Organizations Open September 14th, 2015

  • 04-12-2015: Student Assembly Passes Resolution to Add “Gender Identity and Expression” to Notice of Nondiscrimination

  • 03-15-2015: Congratulations to the new President & Executive Vice President

  • 11-06-2014: Huge Announcements!

  • 09-16-2014: Fall Initiatives

  • 08-31-2014: Partnership with The Gavel

  • 08-01-2014: Gearing Up for September

  • 06-04-2014: UGBC Summer Initiatives

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