Backgrounds Program

Interested in leading small group discussions on all facets of diversity in a safe and inclusive environment once a week for 6 weeks?  If so, apply to be a Backgrounds facilitator by clicking here.

Interested in mental health?  Check out UGBC's first BC Ignites event on Wednesday, 9/24 at 7PM in O'Neill Plaza.  Interested in talking at the event?  Email

UGBC Leadership Academy (ULA)

Are you a freshman interested in joining UGBC, gaining mentorship, and leadership opportunities?  Check our ULA's website (on the right) and fill out the application here.

GLBTQ Undergraduate Society (GUS)

GUS is a peer-to-peer GLBTQ mentoring program that groups students with upperclassmen mentors.  GUS seeks to encourage identity-formation and build community among other GLBTQ students.

GUS General Member Application 

Welcome to UGBC

UGBC News:

  • NEW 09-16-2014: Fall Initiatives

  • 08-31-2014: Partnership with The Gavel

  • 08-01-2014: Gearing Up for September

  • 06-04-2014: UGBC Summer Initiatives

The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) is a student government created to enrich the lives of students attending Boston College. Its purpose is to serve on behalf of student’s interests and to help cultivate an engaged and caring student community. Furthermore, the student government works to actualize the rights and responsibilities of students to the greater community, while promoting growth academically, socially and spiritually.

The UGBC President for 2014-2015 is Nanci Fiore-Chettiar and the Executive Vice President is Chris Marchese.  Please feel free to email them at and 

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