Funding Guidelines & Process

Our objective is to fund events and activities that will bring maximum value to the Boston College community. Because the SOFC operates within a limited budget, we are unable to satisfy all budget requests. When reviewing budgets, we give priority to events that most closely align to the clubs’ mission statements and that bring the most value to campus as a whole.


When completing your budget please refer to the SOFC Guidelines and discuss any questions or concerns with your club representative. These guidelines are parameters we use when funding, but depending on the circumstance they may be altered to meet an organization’s needs.


All funding requests are made through your organization’s portal on MyBC. The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) has made a video to walk you through this process.  Keep in mind these things when submitting a budget:

  • Contact your club rep and review the SOFC Guidelines
  • The Budget Name is your Organization's Name followed by the Chart String 
  • Provide detailed descriptions of each event for which you are requesting funding
  • Include as many price quotes (from the internet, vendors, other sources, etc.) as possible 

Doing these things will assist the SOFC with better understanding your request and improve the likelihood of funding. If the committee does not understand your proposed event, the committee will ask for additional information, thus delaying the funding process. Once the committee has all the required documentation, a funding decision will be made based on how the event fits within the University mission, the organization mission, and the value the event adds to the campus. Please note it may take a minimum of 2 weeks for the SOFC, OSI, and the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) to transfer funds to the receiving account. 

Funding Cycle

The SOFC funding cycle begins in August. All primary budgets are due the week before classes start so that the committee can review them and begin the process of funding and transferring money to the clubs’ accounts. Treasurers will be notified by their SOFC club rep of the exact deadlines and details of these submissions. Primary budgets must include all events that the club plans on holding that semester. After that, clubs are able to submit appeals for funding that they did not receive from the primary budget submission.


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