Prospective Members

Being a member of the SOFC is both an exciting and demanding opportunity. We are committee of roughly 20 dedicated, self-motivated students who enjoy working in a team-based, fast paced environment. Committee members spend 8 to 10 hours a week reviewing budgets, meeting with clubs, and working on other aspects of the committee. While this is a large commitment, there is a strong reward associated with the work – seeing the successful and fun events that clubs are able to execute with the help of our funding.

Each fall, the SOFC accepts applications for those interested in becoming a part of the committee. Applications are open to any freshman and sophomore undergraduate student enrolled at Boston College. All schools (A&S, CSOM, LSOE, CSON) are encouraged to apply. As the SOFC only takes on about ten new members per year, positions are competitive.

The application process includes a written application, one-on-one interviews, and a potential group interview. New members spend the majority of the fall semester as a mentee. During this time, mentees will not have the ability to vote on funding decisions but are expected to provide valuable insight as well as absorb the essential SOFC procedures. In January, mentees will join the rest of the committee as voting members, and proceed to serve a two-year term on the SOFC.

If you are interested in applying, look for us at the Student Involvement Fair or contact Tim Doyle, our recruiter, at

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