Prospective Members

The SOFC accepts applications from Boston College undergraduates interested in becoming a part of the committee at the beginning of the fall semester. Applications are open to freshmen and sophomores, and all schools (MCAS, CSOM, CSON, LSOE) are encouraged to apply. The SOFC takes about ten new members per year.

Being a member of the SOFC is a challenging but rewarding opportunity. We are a committee of roughly 20 dedicated, self-motivated students who enjoy working in a team-based environment. As committee members, we spend roughly 6 to 8 hours a week reviewing budgets, meeting with club treasurers, and/or amending the funding guidelines with the goal of providing equitable funds to approximately 200 student organizations.

Top 3 reasons to join the SOFC:

1) Having the potential to impact every undergraduate student at Boston College

Clubs are a large part of the BC experience, and the SOFC funds the majority of the student organizations on campus. Every voting member has a say in each club's budget approval and will represent approximately 10 to 15 clubs each semester. Being a club rep includes offering guidance and support to the clubs' treasurers as they develop their fall and spring budgets, sending email reminders of impending deadlines, and answering any questions that arise. 

The SOFC funds all sorts of activities and events, from the majority of the banners and flyers that you see and receive at the Student Involvement Fair to well-renowned speakers--such as George Takei in 2015 and Sophia Amoruso in 2016. We are looking for members who share our interest in helping clubs bring value to our campus.

2) Learning to work effectively in a team environment

Teamwork is crucial to the SOFC. Not only do members have to listen and support the opinions of fellow SOFC members but also to the ideas and concerns of clubs and the Office of Student Involvement. As the liaison between clubs and the student activity fee funds, SOFC members strive to generate fair decisions by offering diverse insights, speaking up about concerns, and listening to other members in the group. 

3) Gaining a one-on-one mentorship

New members spend the fall semester as a mentee to one of the SOFC's current voting members. During this time, mentees shadow their mentors in the weekly meetings and are expected to develop a strong understanding of the essential SOFC procedures. In January, mentees take on the roles of their mentors and join the committee as voting members and proceed to serve a two-year term on the SOFC. 

The application process includes a written application, one-on-one interviews, and a potential group interview. 

If you are interested in applying, look for us at the Student Involvement Fair or contact our recruiters: Meaghan Gallagher ( and Will Doyle (

The application for new members is now live on our OrgSync page and is due by 11:59pm on September 18, 2016.

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