Getting Yourself Heard-Good Ways to Use Social Media
By: Sven Benson

Branding Yourself: Couple things before you start

Recognizable and Unique
Check the name out
Good not great
Do it yourself or ask a friend to help you out
It’s either good or it’s not
Make it exciting / captivating
-Is it worth it?
Lots of time
Some money


The Big Three:

Get one now, 25 likes to secure your spot (ruthless at first)
Rootmusic -
Connect with twitter
Use incentives to gain more fans -> Johnbrah promotion
Post epic content
Networking with people that run large group pages
Slightly silly, but very VERY worth it
You need fans... but its not all about music
Post epic contect
Retweet other people
Have fun
-Soundcloud - 10% goal
The best thing to happen to music this decade = 10M users
Be a musician, fan, and friend - people like people not the computer
To pay or not to pay - that is the question
Following Plan Demonstration
Artists and Groups
Commenting and favorites
Sending direct messages
Don’t abuse - 2,000 person limit more effective at lower followers
10% goal
Contact Lists
Remember to add everybody before you unfollow them
Use it to check your ability at not following the same fans
8,000 limit
1 to 2 times a month max DON’T ABUSE
You never know who is going to help / want to work together
Double promo is better promo
Broaden your fan base
Remixes are awesome (if you do it right)


-Other Places to Look:


-Sites I have tried and Failed: