Reserving a Practice Room

Every weekday from 9PM to 12AM, the Music Guild has Lyons #409 reserved exclusively for its members. In the room there is a piano and 4-piece drum set, the latter of which is the property of the Music Guild. We also have guitar and bass amps stored in the storage cabinet of #409 and a PA system in the Lyons Basement.


How to Use Equipment and Reserve the Room:

  1. You must fill out our Equipment Agreement, which can be done online at our MyBC page. Note: you must join our group on MyBC first before you can fill out the form.
  2. When your form is approved (usually right away), we will give you a code so that you can unlock the guitar and bass amps in our practice room.
  3. Maximum Reservation is 2hrs/day and 3hrs/week.
    Please be considerate of bands that may need 2hr rehearsals and do not always book the middle time slot (10pm). 

  4. Click the "Book Now" button below to be redirected to the reservation site: