Music Resources

First and foremost, the Music Guild is dedicated to helping you play music. Below are numerous resources which we hope will help to get you jamming.


Finding Other Musicians

If you want to find fellow musicians, check out the musicians registry below. This is a place where other BC musicians list their instruments, skill level and contact information. Add your own name to the registry by using the form!

View the Musician's Registry

Musicians Registry Form

Creating Music Guild Events for your Performances

If you or your band are going to perform sometime soon, let us know a few weeks before and we can create a music guild event for it. Not only will we promote it, but if it is at an off-campus venue, we may even be able to subsidize some part of people's cover charge!

Getting Yourself Heard

Want a great way to get your music heard? If you are a musician, let us advertise you! Just go to the contact link on the left and send us an email with a short description of your music, logo (.jpg) and any relevant links to your material (e.g. Facebook, Myspace, SoundCloud... etc). We will post all of the information on the BC Artist section of this site. In addition to this, please select one of the genres we have listed on the BC Artist page that you want to be put under. If you feel that none of those apply to your music include that in the email.  We can also embed one of your songs. Either email it to us, or send it to our group on SoundCloud. If you also want to post your new songs, feel free to use the drop box on the right sidebar to add it to our SoundCloud page (although you must be a SoundCloud member to do this). Lastly, Sven Benson gave a talk about good ways to use Social Media, which is posted below.

Sven Benson's Outline