If you're looking for someone and can't find it on our website or Facebook page, drop one of us a line. We love talking about the Music Guild and expanding it any chance we get. We also like when our members bring us new ideas to freshen things up around here. 

                                                   2013-2014 Officers

    President                                      Vice President                              Vice President


 Mike Lapointe                                 John Guzzi                                            Chris Paterno        lapoinmc@bc.edu                            guzzij@bc.edu                            paternoc@bc.edu


      Treasurer                            Musician Networking                    Community Outreach     


     Dan Miller                            Edem Dela-Seshie                          Alex Navarro


                            Activities Coordinator                             Media Director       


                               Amanda Adams                                     Daniel Lyle 

If you are interested in becoming a leader within BC's largest musical organization (the MG), please email music.guild@bc.edu to discuss executive opportunities.