Temporary Heroes

Temporary Heroes is James, Brian, Brian, Megan, Tom, and Gavin. Formed in 2008 they have mixed their love of modern rock music with storytelling lyrics. Find them on Facebook or on iTunes.


Arky Crooks

Arky Crooks was formed in 2009 with Scott Redmond, Junior at Middlebury College, at the helm as singer/songwriter/guitarist, Nat Miller, Sophomore at Harvard, at bass, and Kyle Ostroff, Junior at Boston College, at drums. Since then we have slowly been recording but mostly have been having fun playing for our friends. If I had to put us in a genre I would say were alternative, but these days who knows. Take a listen and enjoy. Find them on Facebook or Hulkshare.


Black & Bruised

Born out of the blues and raised by cheap equipment, Black and Bruised is a two piece Rock n' Roll band from Providence, RI. Comprised of drummer Munib Elkhaitb and singer/guitarist Brady Conley, Black and Bruised has been active since July of 2010. Since that time, the band has played in venues in and around the Providence as well as Boston Metropolitan areas such as The Met in Pawtucket, RI, the Colosseum in Providence, RI, and the Midway Cafe, in Boston MA. Based off of driving guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and twelve bar blues, Black and Bruised is a rock duo that packs a mean punch.  

Check out their SoundCloud


Bobnoxious and the Master Craftsmen

Inspired by BC’s Battle of the Bands, Bobnoxious & The Craftsmen were formed to compete. There is nothing quite like the energy that a live show brings about its members, Bobby (Keys and Vox), Sean (Bass, Guitar and Vox), Phil (Guitar) and Ryan (Drums). Mixing blues, rock, jazz, funk and even hip-hop, their diverse sound is appealing to music lovers of all genres.