The tryout procedure for the Boston College Mock Trial program typically involves a written application, followed by a two stage tryout process.

Among other things, the written application is primarily geared to help us get to know the applicant and the level of dedication that can be offered. No prior experience is necessary! We look for the raw skills necessary for success above all.

The tryout itself is subject to change every year, but typically involves a first round of a shortened opening statement, followed by a shortened form of an examination. This could be a cross examination, direct examination, or both. Applicants will be evaluated based on their presentation skills and their critical thinking. Especially in the second round, being attentive and quick-minded is essential.

Tryouts typically take place during the first few weeks of classes in the fall semester. If you're interested in trying out, please email Elizabeth Valentine, the Program Coordinator.


Please contact the Program Coordinator: Elizabeth Valentine at with any questions or concerns.


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