About Us

Founders Andreas Wolfe and Parker Aubin
In the Fall of 2013, a group of Boston College students lead by Andreas Wolfe (top left) and Parker Aubin (top right) got together with a common purpose: to improve the bicycling community at Boston College. After many months of underground meetings, the team grew in force, unified their interests, and collaborated to become officially recognized by the university as Bike BC.

Now, with a full Executive Board and over 700 interested members who have joined our organization, Bike BC is quickly shaping up to be one of the most popular new student groups on campus. We have 20 bikes in total, and added Newton campus as bike checkout location. 2017-2018 officers include Ben Li, President; Gavin Zhao, Treasurer; Chris Liu, Vice President; and others!

Current E-board Members

President:Ben Li

Co-President: Chris Liu

Treasurer: Gavin Zhao

Outreach: Pranav Parikh

Outreach: Alessandro Zenati

Marketing: Jason Wang


Bike Share Launched!

Last Fall, Bike BC introduced its pilot program of the bike share program in collaboration with the administration. After months of meetings with various staff and faculty members at BC, as well as communicating with the external partners, we are proud to announce that the program has been unveiled at last. This year we were able to expand the program beyond the main campus onto Newton campus.

The bike share functions as a free service in which members who have attended a safety training session can "check out" a bike for a period of 3 days, with the option to renew it. We are working with staff at the O'Neill Library and Newton Law Library to manage the distribution of the keys and light sets for the bikes.

Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

Every year, cyclists and bike enthusiasts from around the Boston area ride the route of the Boston Marathon at midnight the night before in what is aptly called the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride. Last year, a small group from Bike BC completed the route and had a phenomenal time. We would love to have more join us this year, so please let us know if you are interested.

Group Rides

As the weather continues to improve, look for announcements about group rides on our Facebook page. We are always looking for ideas for locations to ride to. Past locations have included the Charles River Esplanade and the Arnold Arboretum. Rides usually take place on a weekend with nice weather, are non-drop, and all are welcome. Bike Room

Bike Share Details

Bringing a Bike Share to Boston College

After years of planning and working with the administration, Bike BC unveiled a pilot bike share program on campus in the spring of 2016. The completely operational bike share with 10 bikes began this last September. At the beginning of the semester this year, we were able to bring in another 10 bikes for the Newton Campus. As for future outlook, we are looking to bring in the newest technology surrounding bikes, that is dock-less bikes to increase the convenience of bike sharing amongst the BC community.

Check Bike Availability Through O'Neill Library

How to Check Out a Bike

Contact Us

Bike Room If you would like to find out more about Bike BC and how you can get involved, be sure to contact us.

If you are in the Boston College network, you can join our organization online, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on what we are doing.

Thanks for checking out Bike BC and we hope to hear from you soon!