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At the ACC Leadership Symposium participants will get to work with an amazing non-proift call LIFT. LIFT’s mission is to help community members achieve economic stability and well-being.We are working to establish a new standard for holistic and enduring solutions in our country’s fight against poverty.

LIFT is a growing movement to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States. LIFT currently runs centers staffed by trained volunteers in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, to serve low-income individuals and families.

LIFT clients and volunteers work one-on-one to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, make ends meet through public benefits and tax credits, and obtain quality referrals for services like childcare and healthcare. Simultaneously, the LIFT experience pushes volunteers to grapple with our country's most challenging issues related to poverty, race, inequality, and policy. Since LIFT's founding, we have served more than 70,000 individuals and families.

What conference participants will be doing

LIFT volunteers will be coming to campus to set up an interactive event called LIFTopolis. ACC Leadership conference attendees will get to act as residents of LIFTopolis.

In LIFTopolis, a major metropolitan city where poverty is high, social service providers are understaffed, underfunded, and overburdened by unmanageable caseloads. For the average LIFTopolis resident, times are tough and only getting tougher. The participants are struggling LIFTopolis residents aspiring to the same stability and well-being all of us want, and they are tasked with the challenge of navigating a maze of service providers without slipping through the cracks and giving up.

Upon arrival, participants assume an identity (based on a real individual) and given a profile, which outlines the circumstances, budget and goals of the individual. Participants then navigate the social services system trying to achieve their objectives. At the end of the experience, participants will have the opportunity to debrief and discuss their experiences.


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Mission and Description

TakePart is a leading source of socially relevant news, features, opinion, entertainment and information - all focused on the issues that shape our lives. We're also a community of people compelled to take action!

At the heart of everything we do is a belief that a story well told can change the world. That’s why our mission is singular: To inspire and accelerate social change by connecting content to social action.

What conference participants will be doing

In their small groups, conference participants will be choosing a specific issue found on the Take Part website. Their task is to create a plan to tackle said issue with a certain amount of funding. The goal of the groups in creating their plans is to convince the rest of the conference participants to vote for their plan. Hypothetically, the whole conference can only dedicate so many resources and so its members will have to choose on what they think is the most compelling issue and what is the most plausible plan. 

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