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Student Organization Events @ Boston College


Upcoming Events 
Title Organization Date/Time
100 Days Senior Week 2/5/16
CSA/KSA Culture Show Practices CSA 2/5/16 - 3/1/16
All Day
CSA/KSA Culture Show Make-Up Practices CSA 2/5/16 - 3/1/16
All Day
CSA/KSA Culture Show Fan Dance Practice CSA 2/5/16 - 2/26/16
All Day
PHAYMUS Meeting Phaymus 2/6/16
UPrising Dance Crew Saturday Practices UPrising 2/6/16
PHAYMUS Dance Meeting Phaymus 2/7/16
UGBC General Meetings UGBC 2/7/16
FFP Weekly Meeting AC 2/7/16
BC Masti Practice SASA 2/7/16


February 2016

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